Artist and Mermaid at Heart.
In her 30s - based near the Baltic Sea , Germany.
Loves to work with Watercolor, Ink and Oilpaints.
Prefers to paint (Dark -)Romantic, Dance- or Ocean Themed ,with a hint of Memento Mori, but likes to experiment and experience other Topics, as well.
Lydia also enjoys doing Childrenillustrations.




   Her Work   



Using Watercolor is like meditation.
Starting with hollowness-loose, slowly manifesting what i want you to show.
Feeling small and weightless first, but true and shining by the end of the process. 

Working with Inks is like knowing exactly what i want.
Elegant ,delicate Lines becoming bold,strong and confident, suddenly.
Leading the Brush feels like my Hand's dancing.

While painting with Oils, i can feel the metamorphosis that hits my mind and all that i've learned before.
The rich feeling of the Paints and those vibrant Colors are truly magical.
Queenlike to work with.
Showing me what i am able to, and what i am not.

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I am the Sea

Ink and Watercolor Goddess for #mermay